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Creative & Innovative

  • Is innovative
  • Is open to change and alternative ways of doing things
  • Finds ways to work better and smarter
  • Generates ideas for innovation within business area, team or area
  • Looks for opportunities for innovation across the industry and beyond
  • Maintains positive and enthusiastic outlook. Is consistent and driven to achieve work outcomes.

Inspires Others

  • Maintains positive and enthusiastic outlook. Is consistent and driven to achieve work outcomes.
  • Takes personal accountability for action and inaction
  • Encourages others to strive for excellence through leading by example
  • Openly and actively share knowledge and experience with others to support their growth
  • Clearly communicates and celebrates organisational vision to ensure understanding of the importance of individual contributions
  • Openly appreciates and recognises colleagues and team members and celebrates achievements

Thinks Strategically

  • Understands importance of role within organisational strategic goals.
  • Understands the work environment and contributes to the development of work plans. Demonstrates an awareness of issues that may impact on designated work tasks.
  • Understands the work environment and actively contributes to Quality Objectives and Management Plan, strategies and team goals. Identifies broader factors trends and influences that may impact on the teams work objectives. Considers ramifications of issues and longer- term impact of own work and work area. Uses a range of tools to find practical solutions to problems
  • Develops strategies and implements operational plans that address both current and likely future requirements. Identifies broader factors trends and influences that may impact on organisational objectives. Shows leadership and drive to ensure business unit activities achieve strategic priorities and addresses identified trends.


  • Works collaboratively with colleagues across the organisation to achieve success through harnessing the skills and experience of cross-departmental networks.
  • Negotiates and builds mutually beneficial formal and informal external partnerships and networks to achieve strategic objectives and improve business outcomes. Reviews and manages service delivery in response to changing needs of relevant stakeholders.

Commits to Actions

  • Takes personal accountability for meeting objectives and progressing work. Shows initiative and does what is required. Commits energy and drive to see that goals of team are achieved.
  • Acts decisively to ensure strategies are implemented and issues are addressed. Demonstrates personal drive, focus and energy. Commits to getting the job done. Leads by example in achieving agreed outcomes.
  • Shows leadership to ensure that potential barriers to achieving organisational strategies are proactively addressed and preventative actions recommended to mitigate reoccurrence. Encourages others to act. Takes personal accountability for business division achieving business plan and organisational goals.


  • Adapts to changing circumstances in the workplace, whilst maintaining work flow and achieving outcomes.
  • Adapts to changing organisational imperatives and ensures team activity reflects required work plan changes. Shows understanding in changing circumstances of team members and implements required operational adjustments.
  • Actively engages and drives required evolution of organisational strategy, planning and delivery in response to external or internal dynamics. Ensures operational strategies take advantage of identified new and emerging opportunities.


Customer Focus

  • Recognises that IHNA is a customer service organization
  • Recognises that our colleagues are also our customers
  • Recognise the needs of clients and customers must be prioritised
  • Establishes desired customer outcomes and aims to exceed expectations

Interpersonal Skills

  • Demonstrates active listening when dealing with stakeholders and colleagues. Speaks
  • politely and respectfully.
  • Demonstrates empathy, social awareness and emotional intelligence in communications with internal and external stakeholders.

Communicates Clearly

  • Participates actively in meetings and discussion to share views or information with colleagues or stakeholders. Provides accurate written communication utilising forms, templates and tools as appropriate to the task.
  • Confidently presents messages in a clear, concise and articulate manner so it is easy to follow. Provides informed, meaningful and relevant messages. Selects the most appropriate medium for conveying information. Articulates clear, respectful messages and information to
  • stakeholders and colleagues. Provides considered responses and clear messages to inspire trust and confidence of others.


  • Has integrity and principles.
  • Respects professional boundaries and observes Professional Code of Conduct
  • Behaves ethically and seeks assistance with ethical dilemmas
  • Observes Organisational Code of Conduct
  • Assists others with ethical dilemmas
  • Models organisational values and preferred behaviours and promotes Code of Conduct

Values Difference

  • Tries to see things from different perspectives.
  • Recognises that different people will have differing, varied communication styles and ways of thinking.
  • Recognises the positive benefits that can be gained from exploring diverse views.
  • Acknowledges the different working styles of individuals and factors this into the management of people and tasks.
  • Capitalises on the positive benefits gained from diversity and harnesses different viewpoints.

Team Relationships

  • Works collaboratively to achieve organisational goals
  • Communicates with colleagues openly, honestly and with positive intent
  • Offers constructive feedback and provides balanced and informed perspectives
  • Ensures the reciprocal sharing of information to build organisational knowledge
  • Manages team dynamics to support productive working relationships
  • Fosters teamwork and rewards cooperative and collaborative behaviour
  • Resolves conflict and manages the sensitivities involved


Self Disciplined

  • Outcomes focussed, with drive to achieve agreed accountabilities
  • Self-motivated to avoid distraction and diversions
  • Focuses on organisational priorities, even when un-motivated to do so
  • Identifies personal productivity ebbs and flows and applies work flow accordingly to achieve outcomes


  • Reviews arguments and opinions before making judgement
  • Takes a solutions focussed approach to problem solving
  • Presents clear and logical opinion based on an understanding of all aspects of situation
  • Takes a systematic approach to workplace or organisational improvement planning

Risk Mitigation

  • Ensures that operational and health & safety risks are identified and reported in own work context.
  • Proactively contributes to identification and control of risks to organisational and business operations. Initiates appropriate action to resolve risks or issues as identified within area of operations. Leads by example and through conversation through risk minimisation practices.


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